Protection Warrior

If you are interested in doing this yourself you can find the images here backgroundhollow and the Weak Aura code here.


  1. Create a folder within your interface folder called CustomUI (if you want to change the name, you'll need to change the path of the graphics in the weak aura). It must be on the same folder level as AddOns.
  2. Download the two graphics here: backgroundhollow and place them within the newly created CustomUI folder.
  3. Find the Protection Warrior Weak Aura string(s) here.
  4. If you are seeing green boxes for the custom graphics then something is wrong with the file path, you should double check the location and name of the CustomUI folder or change the path in weak auras to be whatever you created.

If you are looking for my ElvUI settings or any other missing Weak Auras (like Soulshards) you can find the source code here.